About us

The agribusinesses we partner with share our passion for people, planet and profit. Supporting workforces and their families through healthcare, education benefits and better quality of life. Workforces respond to this by becoming greater contributors, focusing on career paths and increasing overall productivity and yields. Our agribusiness partners are committed to practices that restore and enrich the environment rather than depleting it.

Agribusinesses benefit from the latest tools and technology, the best minds, the newest ideas. Investors get the backing of more than 10 years of experience, industry relevant expertise, impact investing and the joy of watching their ideals reap returns. In Einstein’s immortal words: your vision is your preview of the future. We see a future where Africa’s people flourish; her natural wealth reaps its full potential for all involved; and her environment is enriched. We are growing a future of infinite potential.


Our Investment Philosophy

Our Success is measured by positive financial returns, positive contribution to communities and nature.

  • Agriconomy specialists: including Primary Agriculture, Agro Processing, Agri Infrastructure, Agritech.
  • Focus on Southern African Development Community SADC.
  • Independent advice to investment managers, financial institutions, and pension funds.
  • Invest in large scale land and businesses operating in the Agricultural, Agro Processing and Agri Infrastructure sectors.
  • Up-scale of existing business or supporting start-ups.
  • Vertical and geographical integration.
  • Long-term equity investments.
  • Subscribe to Responsible Investment Principles.
  • Positive impacts on individuals, communities and environments