Eswatini Dairy & Cash crops

Manzini, Eswatini

Consolidation of two farms in Manzini, consisting of 777ha of arable land with 618ha under centre pivot irrigation, excellent infrastructure and modern machinery.

The land is partially used for grazing and forage production. Milk is currently supplied to Lactalis. The facilities have the potential to increase production from 500 cows in milk to over 1 800. Over 200ha of annual grasses planted yearly as supplementary feed for the herd.

Status: Converted to dairy in July 2015


Acquisition date:

Land acquired in November 2013 and converted to dairy in July 2015

Key milestones:

  • Developed land from 80ha of dragline vegetables to a dairy farm with approximately 618ha under centre pivot irrigation with a new storage dam to plant pastures and silage for feed.
  • Developed a dairy complex with a 72 rotary system with capacity to handle 1 800 cows.
  • There are currently over 500 cows in milk within a total herd of over 1 000 animals.
  • Installed a dairy parlour with milk cooling facilities, offices, a cow feeding shed, calves’ facility, worker’s housing, a silage bunker, Electricity connection, Roads and fences upgraded and a dam with Dam with capacity of 80 000m³
  • Farm portions (188 ha) not essential to the dairy operations we successfully subdivided and sold as a game farm.
  • Constructed Silo bunkers to store the maize silage.
  • Housing facilities and feed lanes have been built to manage the heat stress and improve good quality feed for the cows
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