Leeu Gamka Olives

Western Cape, South Africa

Consolidation of 9 olive farms situated 355km Northeast of Cape Town where the Leeu River joins the Gamka River.

The farm has 338 hectares of olives on several properties operated as a single olive farming unit. The farm is ideally located for growing olive trees. The area, known as the Karoo, is dry with windy and warm summer months and cold winter months. This is a summer rainfall area, with some cold fronts pushing up from the South coast in winter. High quality extra virgin olive oil is produced and bottled on the farm with an Amenduni cold olive press.

Status: significant development potential


Acquisition date:

February 2017

Key milestones:

  • 134ha new orchards developed
  • 37ha replanted
  • 143ha drip irrigation installed & automation of irrigation monitoring and scheduling
  • Employee housing upgraded
  • State-of-the-art new factory installed with new olive press & new storage tanks
  • Shrinking, bottling & labelling machines installed

The positive impact we made:

  • 200 employment opportunities for people in a poor and isolated area
  • Adult education and training for approximately 30 employees
  • Eyecare initiative to screen employees and provide spectacles where required
  • International accreditations – GLOBALG.A.P and HACCP
  • Certified food premises factory
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