Northern Cape Table Grapes

Northern Cape, South Africa

Consolidation of three table grape farms, namely: Nuweland, Onderstepoort and Oranjestroom, situated next to the Orange River.

Approximately 800km north of Cape Town, the area has a unique and ideal microclimate for growing table grapes. Producing a combined total of 178.4ha of early table grapes for the export market.


Acquisition date:

August 2011

Key milestones:

  • Additional 102ha new vines planted
  • 41ha vines replaced
  • 88ha of netting erected
  • Existing worker housing upgraded
  • Creches built on 2 farms

The positive impact we made:

  • 950 new jobs created
  • Adult education and training for 40+ employees
  • Prepaid primary healthcare available for all permanent employees
  • Childcare facilities at Oranjestroom and Nuweland
  • HIV testing and ARVs available for all labourers
  • International accreditation – GLOBALG.A.P, SIZA
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