Eswatini Pineapples

Lubombo, Eswatini

Norsa Farm is a Cash Crop Farm in the Lubombo district with a total size of 1 766ha, consisting of three portions.

It is one of two investments made by the Old Mutual Africa Agricultural Fund 1 in Eswatini. Acquired in liquidation with the objective of developing a large irrigation unit. Located 10km South West of Siphofaneni and approx. 60km from Manzini, the farms are in the Lowveld area of the country characterised by dry winters and hot summers. Bordered by Great Usutu River on the north, Mhlatuzane River on the south and Mphaphathi River on the west. Ophir leases the property to RFG Eswatini (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Rhodes Food Group, and has over 600ha under pineapples.


Acquisition date:

October 2016

Key milestones:

  • 994ha of irrigation land upgraded with 707ha under centre pivot irrigation and 287ha under sprinkler gun irrigation
  • 2 irrigation holding dams cleared and lined
  • Allocated water rights extracted from the Great Usutu River
  • Bulk water infrastructure laid out, with main pipeline and pumphouses ensuring even irrigation
  • Property development: electrified boundary fence, farm buildings upgraded, workers and management housing refurbished

The positive impact we made:

  • Resuscitated a previously liquidated and run-down farm into a large-scale pineapple irrigation farm and thus creating employment in the area
  • Redeveloped and regenerated 237ha of cleared land exposed to erosion
  • Clinic built
  • Conducted a comprehensive healthcare and family planning campaign
  • Blood pressure and Tuberculosis screening for over 300 employees
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